October 7, 2022

Is Escorting A Career?

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Many people refer to escorting as “The oldest profession on earth”. This is not just another word for the escort industry but it is the hard truth. There are many people who have never managed to accept escorting as a career to date. However, this does not mean that it ceases being one. Many Milan escorts are very proud of the work they do and they give it their all. This is not because there is nothing else they would have done to earn a living. It is simply because that is what they have a passion to do.

As a novice, you’ll be forgive to believe many escorts are hard headed and people who had no interest in books. However, the moment you start dating them and realize there are very many graduates and learned people in the group, your perspective will change. In fact many Milan escort have other great and honorable positions in the society and are doing pretty well. Their passion of interacting with people at a personal level is what made them decide to join the world of escorts.

There are many things that prove that escorting is a career just like many other. Some of these include;

  • They pay tax

In some countries where operating escort agencies and working as an escort is legalized, they also pay tax. These countries have a special way of calculating the amount of tax each escort agency has to pay as well as the escorts. Many of these countries have confirmed that they chose to walk on this path after realizing they were losing a lot of revenue.

This is because, Milan escort earn a lot per day and per year. Therefore, the moment you allow them to pay tax, the country will benefit a lot.

  • They have rules and regulations governing them

Another characteristics of a profession is the laid down guidelines and rules governing that particular industry. For Milan escorts they have a lot of rules to follow to ensure their own safety and that of their clients. At the same time, these rules determine who qualifies and who doesn’t qualify to work as an escort.


Our understanding of what a profession is might differ, but you can never deny the fact that escorts reach these thresholds. There are some which they might not have adhered to but the difference is very minimal.